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Soldier Ball Expansion Pack

One of our employees (Isaac's younger brother) came up with a super-fun modification for the original Soldier Ball gameplay. It involves building one mega-fortress to protect a single soldier from a five-ball attack. The expansion pack (available on Amazon) comes with extra balls and barricades, as well as instructions for the deluxe version of the game. 

*You must already own the original Soldier Ball game to use the expansion pack, as it requires battle ramps.

Buy the Expansion Pack here


Issac's dad has a funny game for adults called Corked. It involves hilarious human interaction and even comes in a wine tote bag to carry to the party.

Buy Corked here.

Hacking Fatherhood

Issac's dad, Nate Dallas, wrote a book for soon-to-be fathers about how to prepare to be an awesome dad and family leader. If you are thinking about having a baby, or know someone who may be, get this book ASAP.


Buy Hacking Fatherhood here.